Community Policing Forum


The CPF (Community Policing Forum) is a partnership between the SAPS and the community. Sector policing is an approach to policing whereby the service area of a police station is divided into smaller, manageable areas known as sectors. For each sector, the SAPS appoints a police official who is known as the Sector Manager and serves as the link between the Police and the community. Sgt Lynette Erasmus is the current Sector Manager for our sector (sector 3).

The role of the Sector Manager is to mobilise and organise the community in the sector to take action against crime together with the police. Community Policing is not intended to extend or replace SAPS services or duties by any means. The main objective is to be the eyes and ears for the community and the SAPS and in doing so, prevent crime from being committed.


Garsfontein (sector 3) is divided into 10 blocks. Each block has a block leader who is involved with operational planning, environmental design and crime combating meetings. The block leaders have direct contact with the Sector Manager.

  • GarsHigh is Block 7 of Sector 3 - the map can be viewed here.



Role of the Community:


  • Attend the Community Policing Sub Forum meetings to discuss action plans with the block leader in order to deal with crime in the sector.
  • Participate in neighborhood initiatives to safeguard the area in which they live, work and play.
  • Take ownership of community policing and support the SAPS in the enforcement of the law.


Role of Street Representatives:

  • Acts as street representative at GarsHigh CPF monthly meeting.
  • Acts as liaison between CPF committee and residents/home owners of the street.
  • Responsible to organise/mobilise the street for participation within the CPF.
  • Represent and promote the street interests within the CPF.
  • Communicate information from the CPF to residents/home owners in the street.
  • Manage street's early warning/information mechanisms (i.e. WhatsApp group).
  • Inform the CPF regarding any security and safety incidents in the street.